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Origin Assessment

Origin Assessment is the process of understanding the root cause of the situation. When the origin is understood, sustainable solutions can be applied and strengths amplified.

Until there is an understanding of why a situation has presented, a lasting resolution cannot be found. The answer is in the WHY.

In order for individuals and organizations to move beyond temporary, stop-gap solutions, it is vital to look at what is creating the situation and make holistic, purposeful decisions.

Without understanding why a situation is present, attempts to address it will only shift the problem from one form to another. Strengths cannot be fully realized and applied until the origin is understood.

Optimizing strengths and cultivating sustainable, far-reaching solutions are the results of Origin Assessment.

Stephanie Somanchi


I hold an intense interest in the role of authenticity in the realization of full potential at both the micro and the macro levels. The same principles apply to both the micro-individual level and the macro-organizational/international level. Through years of research, advising and practical application, I developed the method of Origin Assessment. Through a distillation of core principles and universal law this method of cultivating answers produces a solid foundation for optimized, fully realized potential.

Often the initial drivers that create success are the same ones that limit and ultimately cap the realization of full potential for both the organization and the individual. Optimizing success, effectiveness and satisfaction is rarely about working and pushing the existing method harder. In order to achieve the highest potential, the individual's and the organization's most authentic expression must be revealed. This is the highest point of success. Origin Assessment capitalizes on the unique strengths of the organization and the individual to achieve excellence and differentiation.

Business Biography

My MBA and business background, along with my PhD in Social Science, combine to provide a platform of knowledge to address situations with practicality and efficiency. I am a recurring contributor to CBS MoneyWatch and WebMD articles as well as a regular guest contributor to radio and TV. I work with numerous Fortune 500 organizations and serve clients nationally. I have contributed as business faculty for the graduate program at Marylhurst University, and I have taught internationally. As a member of the Human Rights Advisory Commission and the Sister Cities Advisory Board for the City of Beaverton, Oregon, I am pleased to contribute to the city's interconnection to the world and to inclusion and respect of all people. My practice takes a holistic approach that I accomplish with candor, humor and a healthy dose of irreverence.



Executive Advising & Counsel

In order for key employees to provide their highest talents and expertise to the business, the individual must be supported, coached, authentically seen, and have a space to work out ideas, thoughts, stressors and strategies in a confidential, judgement-free space. Executive Advising advocates, creates accountability, concentrates critical thinking and optimizes the executive so that he/she is focused on delivering the best. This highly specialized service is tailored to essential top-tier executives and uses the principles of Origin Assessment to optimize business performance, strategy, personal management and the shaping of organizational culture. The service is highly personalized and allows the executive a confidential confidant, an advocate and extensive access to advising. This service frees the executive to focus his/her talents on the essential elements of the business through optimized mental and emotional alignment.

Board Advising & Counsel

Highly effective boards serve the organization as a macro-entity. The members of the board unite their individual talents and expertise to provide high-level business guidance and adherence to foundational values. Maintaining vision clarity, optimizing interactions between individual board members, maintaining leadership accountability and team functioning are essential to optimizing board contributions. Counseling boards on utilizing Origin Assessment principles to increase the success of organizational initiatives, mission and vision statements, and culture development programs is a fundamental aspect of this service. Assisting in blending individual board members expertise and personalities to gain the highest level of competence, guidance and camaraderie with the board is a vital outcome of this service.

Development Classes

Individual Development for Organizational Success

MasterKey is an MBA formulated class series that uses Origin Assessment principles to cultivate skills for life and organizational culture root cause analysis. Through this analysis, participants are able to identify cause and create sustainable successful solutions.

The cumulative classes develop foundational skills for the implementation of organizational culture strategy, work-life effectiveness and leadership skills. The emphasis on Origin Assessment principles results in improved personal responsibility for whole-life development and accountability within the organization. The result is an alignment of actions with goals.

Organizations gain a direct benefit by having employees equipped to create change, infused with morale and empowered with skills for original thought, effective communication and increased individual accountability. The classes effectively unite teams and provide a common language and strategy for creating solutions and developing optimized results.

The classes are engaging, highly practical and require participation and application of principles both in and out of classes. The cumulative nature of the classes allows participants to fully absorb the material and apply it to the specific situations in their lives and organization.


"Dr. Somanchi applies an incredibly effective approach to filtering information and seeing it for what it is. She brings me back to a group of basic principles that, when applied, bring clarity to every aspect of my life. Stephanie challenges me, and forces me to get to the core of the matter. She is extremely intuitive and always my advocate. I truly believe that Stephanie cares deeply about my success. I have recommended her to many of my colleagues and friends and hear regularly about her effectiveness. I would highly recommend her."

Charles Bloom, Vice President, Marquis Companies


Speaking Engagements

Stage a winning event! Keep your audience engaged, entertained, and inspired. Speeches are designed to infuse the audience with morale, motivation and practical application of Origin Assessment principles. Each speech is wrapped in an engaging, meaningful and humorous package. All speeches are tailored to the specific needs and situations of the group.

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"Stephanie was an outstanding hit at our kickoff meeting. She attracted one of the largest groups we've had in the last two years, and she definitely kept us engaged."

Ronda Robles, Vice President, US Bank


Organizations Served

"A miracle worker!"

William Carter, President, Pacific NW Title



Oregon State Pharmacy Association

CEDCO of the Coquille Indian Tribe

Consonus Healthcare

Papé Group

Allstate Insurance

ABC, KATU Channel 2

Benchmade USA

Pacific Northwest Title

Accordance Search Group

Little Busy Bodies Inc

Kelly Reid Consulting

D&H Flagging

Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community


US Bank

Sussman Shank Law

Mid-Valley Development

City of Beaverton

Portland Female Executives

105.1FM, The Buzz, Entercom

Free Market Development Institute

Multnomah Athletic Club

City of Fairview

Marquis Companies

Canary Marketing

Delta Kappa Gamma Educators

EmpRes Healthcare

Metropolitan Senior Network


State of Oregon

Ameriprise Financial Services

Martin Family Law

Financial Women's Association

Keller Williams Realty Professional


Family Building Blocks

West Hills Health & Rehabilitation Center

Coos Bay Vision Center

VirtuMed Health

Optimal Strategic Group Inc

Inn Ventures IVI, LLC

Blanchet Catholic School